Living Retail Lab EPISODE 1: What is Citizen Supply?

HighStreet’s Living Retail Lab™, sponsored by NEC Display Solutions, is a place to prove innovation on the retail stage. A real store. Real shoppers. Real results. In this episode, we talk to the founder of Citizen Supply, and understand how it started, why it’s the perfect setting for LRL.

Phil Sanders digs into the details about how Citizen Supply started and his philosophy on retail.

Ed King

We call Ed “The Professor” for a reason. Give him insights and he'll not only get to the why, but he’ll uncover the non-conscious reasons they're happening — and which ones are CX gold. And here is where the magic resides: Ed’s background as a creative director, change management consultant, sidebar empath and guerrilla neuro-maestro makes him a left brained/right brained strategic weapon. The only thing he loves more than cracking category conventions is sharing the data stories around the results.