Living Retail Lab Will Test Shopping Technology In A Real-World Setting

HighStreet Collective has launched the Living Retail Lab inside Citizen Supply, a “maker’s market” in Atlanta’s trendy Ponce City Market. The Lab will be the site for technology-driven, results-focused shopping experiments conducted in a working retail setting.

“One thing the retail industry has been begging for, but unable to supply, are real-world innovation case studies with real numbers,” said Laura Davis-Taylor, Co-Founder of HighStreet Collective. “Our project will showcase different retail technologies in a real environment with real shoppers — with a sharp focus on HighStreet’s CX design and solutions that can be successfully utilized today. We will document everything from strategy to solution to agile adjustments and report real results.”

HighStreet is encouraging technology suppliers and brands to join the wait list for becoming involved with the Living Retail Lab, noting that the testing ground will offer valuable, highly actionable data.

“From a shopper behavior perspective, the minute you take someone out of the natural shopping habitat and into an unnatural lab environment, you lose, because the results will be skewed,” said Ed King, Co-Founder of HighStreet. “The Living Retail Lab is designed for real shoppers in a real store, spending real money. You don’t get any more ‘real’ than that.”

Laura Davis-Taylor

Laura Davis-Taylor is Co-Founder, Retail Strategy for HighStreet. She was literally born into retail. Wandering malls serving as the eyes of her blind, fashion-addicted mom, Laura cultivated a sixth sense for understanding what makes a great store experience. Twenty years later, she’s been a brand planner, internet maven, store design strategist, innovation instigator and she even ‘wrote the book’ on in-store digital media. She thrives when in a hive of activity, so don’t be surprised when she’s talking about 5 things at once. Don’t worry, it will make sense the end—just fasten your seatbelt!