Sneak Peek of Sprint 1 Results

Get a sneak peek of our first sprint’s results. We tested the effectiveness of 3 types of content: text-based, image-based, and video-based. For a complete report and wrap up of the results, sign-up for updates at

The Likewise Bar and Lounge is located inside of Citizen Supply at Ponce City Market

Ed King

We call Ed “The Professor” for a reason. Give him insights and he'll not only get to the why, but he’ll uncover the non-conscious reasons they're happening — and which ones are CX gold. And here is where the magic resides: Ed’s background as a creative director, change management consultant, sidebar empath and guerrilla neuro-maestro makes him a left brained/right brained strategic weapon. The only thing he loves more than cracking category conventions is sharing the data stories around the results.